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maqueta_3AGUALAB is a mobile laboratory where children experience playing.

Know the origin and destination of the water, becoming a responsible approach to their use. Using a methodology developed by a multidisciplinary group of French and American scientists , adapted by education experts in Mexico , EDUTECH promotes our country a new water culture.

Allows students of primary level a series of activities that lead to hand the fascinating world of experimentation with the water resource. Throughout the experiments the student becomes aware in water management in our country, as well as your power of observation is stimulated .

The Agualab contains appropriate material to develop 20 practical activities organized in 7 thematic axes .

The first main theme is: Water pollution , sensitize students about the causes and consequences of water pollution .

The following 5 correspond to the developed plans and programs of study of the subject of Natural Sciences 6 grades.

The last issues: Water Purification Methods , is added as a supplement to the student to understand some methods commonly man are used in water purification .

Each thematic axis , in turn , is divided into blocks .

Block I contains activities for children 1st and 2nd grade ;
The Block II for 3 rd and 4 th year
l Block III for children 5 and 6 years .

The activities are designed with high quality using materials and recreational equipment easy to handle carrying the risk factor to a minimum . Students will learn and experience aspects of the water cycle and its in nature, taste , status changes , aspects of their purification , quality as a result of disease, etc. .

On the other hand, it is important to note that children of this school year are located on average between 6 and 11 years , covering a period of cognitive, educational development and degree of implementation so different that it is necessary to handle the concepts and practical activities according to their individual characteristics.

For optimal operation of the equipment , it is suggested to work in groups of 5 students , promoting the cooperation among students , and to facilitate the teacher’s control in the practical activities .

The Agualab 21 is based on four fundamental principles:

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