Transportation Simulation

Transportation Simulators

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  • Autos
  • Bus/Truck
  • Train/ Metro
  • Race Car/Formula 1

e-Tech Simulators have the technology necessary for the simulation as a means of training and learning to its full advantage. With this technology we form practical operators have the ability to control any risk because they are trained in safe environments that replicate real experiences, accidents, climate change and damage of equipment to learn the protocols to follow in each of these .


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Automobile Simulators

The driving simulators are immersive virtual reality generated by high-fidelity computer processors, controlled by common software programs networked and developed to provide high performance during execution. The e-Tech simulators using multiple scenarios in vehicle dynamics including the interaction between road surfaces, tires and vehicle suspension.

Bus/Truck Simulators

Bus Simulator and / or trucks are computerized virtual simulators, high definition multi-channel high-definition monitors (LED HD) including specific vehicle dynamic models specialized software controlled and adjustable to different types of features.

The simulator includes virtual sets suitable for the evaluation, certification and / or training of drivers driving under typical virtual environments including urban, sub-urban and rural highway, which can lead to different weather conditions (rain, fog, snow, day, night) and traffic density.

Train/Metro Simulator

The locomotive simulator system e-Tech is designed to train personnel in the operation of railway locomotives, EMD and GE of any model. The simulator replicates the cab of a locomotive and covers all the indicators present in a real engine, and includes a set of controls type Desk Top or AAR-105 to provide a realistic training.

AAR-105 (Deluxe) vertical control with complete systems including training of instructors in the operations of entire configuration simulation as well as its location 200 miles of railroad generic or custom option of the tracks.

Race Car Simulator / Formula 1

For lovers of speed, extreme feelings or simply as a business in gambling houses, e-Tech Simulation Platform provides real designs different tracks movement and current world championship.

We customize the frame to different models and there are various alternatives in the visual system, including motion platform.